The Sound Action Show is a new web broadcast interview show focused on music and cultural creative pioneers from the 1960's to the 2060's. The show is produced in San Francisco using Zoom and YouTube technonogy with a local crew for a global audience.

San Francisco was a key hub of the 1960's cultural revolution with many of its musicians, artists and social entrepreneur pioneers still actively working on new projects. Simultaneously a new generation in California are building electric cars, satellite Internet access and starships. In 1970 the Jefferson Starship sang, "How you gonna feel when you see your baby rollin' on the deck of a starship?". In 2060 some of today's youth will surely be able to answer that question as classic rock cover bands play live on a fleet of SpaceX starships.

The Sound Action Show's mission is to bring the inspiring stories and great projects of creative people to a global audience and archive them for our future world.


Contact: Brian Webster, Producer